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Provided below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to answer the most commonly asked questions.  If after viewing this page you require a more specific answer or your question is not covered, please feel free to email us for further assistance.

Can Tungsten Oxide Insulating Glass Film Prevent Skin Cancer?

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It is well known that ultraviolet light directly affects human health and is one of the factors contributing to aging skin and even skin cancer. More than 53 percent of the country’s skin cancers are found on the left side of the body, according to a study of skin cancer in the United States. The […]


What are the main Military Structural Materials?

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With the development of modern science, the technology of weapon equipment is becoming more and more intensive and it is changing from mechanized war to information war. Therefore, the higher and newer requirements have been put forward for military materials. Magnesium alloy As the lightest engineering metal material, magnesium alloys have a series of unique […]

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How Does Aluminum Alloy Protect Ships from Corrosion?

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Anti-corrosion of aluminum alloy refers to the anti-corrosion of ship hull, which is essentially related to the service life of the ship. The corrosion resistance of ship hull depends on the corrosion resistance of raw materials and the anti-corrosion technical measures of repairing ship hull, especially the latter. Cladding protective layer In the mid-1960s, the […]

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What Can Molybdenum Compounds be used for?

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Catalyst  Molybdenum base catalysts are widely used. When combined with cobalt and nickel, molybdenum is used in the petroleum industry because it can remove sulfur from organic sulfur compounds that are commonly found in crude oil. The application of molybdenum base catalysts will increase because of the further expansion of world crude oil supply and […]

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