Descriptions of Rheniumrhenium-sheets

Rhenium is silvery white in color, and it has the third highest melting points after carbon and tungsten. Commercially, Rhenium exists in powder form, but it can be consolidated by sintering and pressing it in a hydrogen or vacuum atmosphere. The consolidation process produces a small solid whose density is over 90% of the metal. Additionally, rhenium is used to build many jet engines, and it is also utilized in the filaments that are used in spectrographs.

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Specifications of Rhenium

Rhenium Bar / Rhenium Rod
.125” DIA .188” DIA .250” DIA .375” DIA
.500” DIA .625” DIA .750” DIA 1.00” DIA
1.25” DIA 1.50” DIA 2.00” DIA 2.25” DIA
2.50” DIA 3.00” DIA 3.50” DIA 4.00” DIA
5.00” DIA
Rhenium Foil, Rhenium Sheet & Rhenium Plate (Thickness)
.002” .003” .004” .005”
.010” .020” .025” .030”
.040” .050” .060” .090”
.125” .188” .250” .375”
.500” .625” .750” 1.00”
1.25” 1.50” 2.00” 2.25”
2.50” 3.00”
Rhenium Wire (Diameters)
.002” .003” .004” .005”
.010” .012” .015” .020”
.025” .030” .035” .040”
.050” .060” .070” .080”
.090” .125”
Rhenium Powder (particle size)
-100 mesh -200 mesh
Rhenium Pellet

* Specific lengths and sizes available upon request.

Applications of Rhenium

Rhenium is used in platinum-rhenium catalysts which in turn are primarily used in making lead-free, high-octane gasoline and in high-temperature superalloys that are used to make jet engine parts. Other uses:

* Widely used as filaments in mass spectrographs and in ion gauges.

* An additive to tungsten and molybdenum-based alloys to increase ductility in these alloys.

* An additive to tungsten in some x-ray sources.

* Rhenium catalysts are very resistant to chemical poisoning, and so are used in certain kinds of hydrogenation reactions.

* Electrical contact material due to its good wear resistance and ability to withstand arc corrosion.

* Thermocouples containing alloys of rhenium and tungsten are used to measure temperatures up to 2200 °C.

* Rhenium wire is used in photoflash lamps in photography.

* For use in booster rocket engines

Products of Rhenium


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