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Molybdenum metal is a silvery white, very hard transition metal, but is softer and more ductile than tungsten. Its main characteristics are durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. Molybdenum is a metal used as a raw material in order to obtain alloys, among which more resistant steel stands out. Approximately two-thirds of this metal is used for this purpose, also known as inox, with contents up to 6%.

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High-Temperature Coatings for Extreme Environments

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Introduction High-temperature coatings are specialized formulations designed to withstand and protect surfaces when they are exposed to elevated temperatures, corrosive atmospheres, and other challenging conditions. These coatings play a crucial role in extending the lifespan, enhancing durability, and improving the performance of materials subjected to extreme heat. Let’s delve into the key aspects of high-temperature […]

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A List of Heat-Resistant Materials

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Introduction: Heat-resistant materials are crucial components across multiple industries. They are designed to withstand elevated temperatures without compromising their structural integrity or functionality. These materials encompass a diverse range, from metals and ceramics to composites and polymers. Each of them offers unique properties suitable for extreme thermal environments. Let’s delve into an exploration of some […]

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Improving Electrical Contacts with Molybdenum-Rhenium Alloys

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Introduction The reliability of electrical contacts is critical in various industries, from aerospace to electronics. To enhance the performance and longevity of electrical contacts, materials with exceptional properties are required. Molybdenum-Rhenium (Mo-Re) alloys have emerged as a game-changing solution due to their unique combination of attributes. In this article, we delve into the role of […]

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Innovations in Molybdenum Alloys for Defense and Military Applications

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Introduction: Molybdenum alloys have long been prized for their exceptional strength, heat resistance, and corrosion-resistant properties. In recent years, these alloys have found new prominence in defense and military applications, thanks to ongoing innovations and advancements in materials science. This article explores the cutting-edge developments in molybdenum alloys and their critical role in enhancing the […]

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Molybdenum Crucibles: Features, Production, and Cleaning

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Introduction Molybdenum is widely used in various industries such as metallurgy, electronics, and nuclear energy due to its excellent properties such as high melting point, corrosion resistance, and good thermal conductivity. With these impressive characteristics, molybdenum is employed to make crucibles, evaporation boats, and other useful tools. In this article, we’ll focus on molybdenum crucibles, […]

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Molybdenum Lanthanum Alloy vs Pure Molybdenum

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Introduction Molybdenum is a highly versatile metal that is widely used in various industries due to its excellent properties such as high melting point, good thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. There are a variety of molybdenum metals and alloys available in the market, including pure molybdenum and the molybdenum lanthanum alloy. In this article, we […]

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How Is Molybdenum Metal Used in Vacuum Furnace Hot Zone?

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Introduction Molybdenum metal is employed in a variety of industries like electronics, semiconductors, glass-making, and most importantly heating applications. For instance, there is a range of vacuum furnace hot zones made from molybdenum metal. Figure 1. Molybdenum Sheets Therefore, this article is going to explore how molybdenum metal is applied to manufacture heating apparatus using […]

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Molybdenum Electrodes for Glass Furnaces


Introduction The glass manufacturing industry is boosting with a market of 106.44 billion dollars in 2021[1], and millions of tons of glass are produced every day using molybdenum electrodes and other agents. Here, we are going to focus on glass melting and the molybdenum electrodes it employs. Hope that you can have a better understanding […]

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Something You Need to Know about Molybdenum Strip

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Introduction to Molybdenum Strip Molybdenum strip is well-known for their resistance to heat and corrosion, and they are widely used in a number of applications and fields. Advanced Refractory Metals (ARM) is a global supplier of molybdenum products. We offer molybdenum products of various shapes and sizes at a competitive price within a short lead […]

Molybdenum in the Steel Industry


The addition of molybdenum greatly increases the strength, toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and weldability of all types of alloy steels. Although molybdenum is primarily used in the steel industry, it has a wide range of properties that are expanding its use in other alloys and in the chemical industry. Traditional Mo-Co/Al2O3 and Mo-Ni/Al2O3 are […]

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