Powder Metallurgy

Advanced Refractory Metals supplies Refractory Metals (such as W, Mo, Ta, Nb) and Non-ferrous Metals (Such as Ti). These metals are used widely in different fields according to their properties. E.g.: Tungsten and Molybdenum parts can be used in high-temperature environments, titanium materials are wide as corrosion-resistant parts.

Refractory Metals Group

Refractory metals are a group of metals. These metals are particularly resistant to water and heat. The definition of which elements belong to this group varies. These metals share some properties, including a high hardness at room temperature and a melting point of above 2000 degrees Celsius. Powder metallurgy is the method of choice for fabricating components from these metals because of their high melting points.

The largest amount of niobium sheet and niobium strip are used in the steel enterprise, mainly used in cold rolling acid washing and immersion tank, jet pump and its system pipe fittings.


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