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Top 10 Materials with the Highest Thermal Conductivity in the World

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What Is Thermal Conductivity? Thermal conductivity (denoted by k, λ, or κ) refers to a material’s ability to conduct heat at specific temperature and pressure, and it is measured in W/m•K (watts per meter-Kelvin). Highly thermally conductive materials are used to make heat sinks. Materials that transfer heat slowly act as excellent insulators. Different materials […]

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Characteristics and Uses of W-Ag Alloy

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Characteristics and Uses of W-Ag Alloy W-Ag alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten and silver, with a silver content of 30% to 70%. It has the characteristics of high hardness, good welding performance, arc erosion resistance, adhesion resistance, and fusion welding resistance. Therefore, it has a wider range of uses in industry and circuit breakers. For example, […]

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