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Pure Tantalum or Tantalum Tungsten Alloy – Which is Better?

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Introduction Tantalum has been a buzzword recently. Pure tantalum and tantalum tungsten alloy are widely used in a broad range of fields including chemical reactions, medical surgeries, and aerospace. Both of them are refractory metal materials with perfect properties, so it may be quite difficult to make your choice between them. This article is going […]

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Why Tantalum Is Important?

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Why Tantalum Is Important? Tantalum occurs in columbium ores. As the demand for columbium increases, increasing amounts of tantalum concentrates become available. After a difficult and complex separation and reduction process, both metals are obtained in the form of powder. The powder is pressed in dies to form bars which are vacuum sintered by passing […]

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The Metal that Doesn’t Fear Aqua Regia—Tantalum

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The Metal that Doesn’t Fear Aqua Regia—Tantalum Corrosion is the damage or qualitative change of material under the influence of the environment. The corrosion of metal and alloy is mainly caused by chemical or electrochemical damage. Common corrosion-resistant metals are austenitic stainless steel, Hastelloy, Monel alloy, titanium and titanium alloy, platinum, gold, rhodium, and other […]

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