Aerospace and Military Metal Fabrication

Aerospace and Governmental agencies look to us for our high-quality, military-grade fabricated metal components. Our products conform to MIL-I-45208 standards, and we have implemented relevant sections of the ISO 9000 manufacturing and inspection specifications to our process.

Ta10W and Ta111, Ta122 are all applied in the aerospace field for their good performance in high pressure, high temperature, and anti-corrosion working environment.

Niobium also has wide application in the aerospace industry in the forms of niobium sheet and niobium foil. Also niobium alloys such as C-103, Cb752, C129Y, and FS-85, they are the important structural material in this field.

Ti-15-3-3-3, Ti-10-2-3, Ti-6246 and Gr.5, Gr.9 titanium alloys also played an important role in the aerospace industry.


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