Descriptions of Titaniumtitanium-wires

Compared to other metals, titanium is a lustrous and silver transition metal with low density and high corrosion resistance to sea water, aqua regia and chlorine, etc. Titanium is alloyed with aluminum, manganese, iron, molybdenum and other metals to increase strength, to withstand high temperatures, and to lighten the resultant alloy.

Advanced Refractory Metals is a leading supplier of titanium products. We offer low pricing and great lead times on all our materials, and we're capable of supplying custom materials per any specs/drawings you provide us with.

List of Our Titanium Products

Titanium Wire (diameter)
0.050 mm 0.063 mm 0.080 mm
0.10 mm 0.125 mm 0.16 mm
0.20 mm 0.25 mm 0.32 mm
0.40 mm 0.50 mm 0.63 mm
0.80 mm 1.0 mm 1.60 mm
Titanium Rod (diameter)
2.0 mm 4.0 mm 5.0 mm
6.0 mm 8.0 mm 12.7 mm
16.0 mm 20 mm 25.0 mm
50.0 mm 60.0 mm  
Titanium Foil (thickness)
0.005 mm 0.006 mm 0.010 mm
0.0125 mm 0.025 mm 0.050 mm
0.075 mm 0.10 mm 0.125 mm
0.15 mm 0.2 mm 0.25 mm
0.30 mm 0.40 mm 0.50 mm
Titanium Strip/Titanium Ribbon
0.1-0.8mm x W x L    
Titanium Sheet (thickness)
1.0 mm 1.50 mm 2.0 mm
3.0 mm 3.5 mm  
Titanium Plate (thickness)
6.0 mm 8.0 mm 10.0 mm
Titanium Ingot
Titanium Flange
NPS 1/2"-24"    
Titanium Fastener
Diameter: M5-M24, Length: 10mm-300mm (0.39"-11.8")
Titanium Fitting
1/2" to 24" NPS    
Titanium Pipe /Titanium Tube
8-609.6mm OD x L    

* Specific lengths and sizes available upon request.

Applications of Titanium

By combining titanium with other metals it produces strong and lightweight alloys that can be used in military equipment like jet engines and missiles. The various industries that utilized titanium include:

* Aerospace engines

* Agri-food production

* Medical prosthetics and instruments

* Telecommunications in such things as mobile phones and equipment

* Gas and oil exploration for deep sea drilling

* Automotive for engines and other elements of high-performance vehicles

* Marine propeller shafts and rigging for desalination plants

* Performance Bicycle frames and parts

Main Products of Titanium


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