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Advanced Refractory Metals (ARM)  is a leading manufacturer & supplier known predominantly for the core products Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Rhenium, Titanium, and Zirconium. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, ARM specializes in providing high-quality refractory metal products to customers from all over the world since 1994.

Through comprehensive knowledge of our customer’s requirements and an in-depth understanding of metallurgical practices, we have been able to provide advanced refractory products that are now utilized extensively in the aerospace, metallurgy, semiconductor, and chemical processing industry, etc. We strive to provide customization service to meet customers’ needs and apply our products in more application fields.

Below are some comments from our customers:

“Thank you for fixing our titanium parts for us! Our previous supplier couldn’t make these parts straight even though we worked with them for many months to solve the problem. Advanced Refractory Metals knew exactly how to solve our problem. The parts have been straight and flat with every shipment and we have now placed a blanket order. “

Major Midwest US manufacturer of capital equipment

“We ordered our zirconium tubing from Advanced Refractory Metals because we were promised delivery in half the time of the other competitive bids. When we received the parts, not only were they on time, but the quality was first-rate. We recommend Advanced Refractory Metals as a company that delivers what they promise!"

Top US producer of specialty heat exchangers

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Advanced Refractory Metals

23661 Birtcher Dr.
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Tel: (949) 407-8904
Fax: (949) 812-6690
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.refractorymetal.org


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