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Components for Medical Devices

Advanced Refractory Metals offers high-quality metal components for Medical, Surgical, and Dental equipment companies to use in their manufacturing. From Moly TZM rotors and Molybdenum foil to Tantalum staples and screws, we provide stock and custom fabrication of the metals needed in medical equipment production.

Medical Equipment Industry

* Tantalum Components

Tantalum is used in medical and dental applications because the metal has no effect on body tissues. Common applications include artificial hips, knees, and other joints. Pins, screws, staples, and other devices used to holds bones together are also made of tantalum alloys. Tantalum is suitable for use in fracture and cranial-defect repair applications and permanent bone implants. Tough, durable, and ductile, tantalum also offers good workability and weldability. In addition, it possesses the ability to grow uniform and stable oxides with good dielectric properties.

* Molybdenum TZM Components

X-ray tubes used in CT and CAT scanning equipment require precision-machined molybdenum and TZM cathodes, anodes, rotors and targets. Most of the beam energy in X-ray tubes creates heat, not X-rays, so the target must survive very high temperatures. In addition, the cathode assembly must withstand the thermal loads imposed by the filament inside. Lastly, the machined TZM rotor supports the spinning load of the large target and conducts heat down and away from the target.

* Molybdenum Components

Molybdenum foil is used in CT and CAT detector arrays that capture X-ray signals for analysis. The molybdenum foil is used as a collimator (a wall that separates detectors from one another) because of its high-elastic modulus that resists bending under centrifugal loading, and because it shields neighboring detectors from errant radiation. Very thin molybdenum foils can be used as filters in mammography imaging systems.

* Tungsten Heavy Metal Radiation Shielding

Because of the absorption characteristics of heavy metals, approximately one-third less material is required as compared to lead.


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