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Get the Most Suitable Crucible for Your Lab

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Introduction Crucibles are essential components used in laboratories or research facilities where high-temperature processes are carried out. They are used to hold and heat samples or substances to very high temperatures for analysis, purification, or other applications. Crucibles are made of various materials, including ceramics, glass, metals, and alloys, and come in different shapes and […]

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What Material is a Crucible Made of?


The use of crucibles can be traced back several years before the industrial revolution. And today, it is an essential item used either in laboratories for conducting high-temperature chemical reactions and analyses or in large manufacturing plants for melting and calcining metal and ore; they may be made of clay, graphite, porcelain, or a relatively […]

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Tungsten Crucibles for Rare-earth Melting Applications

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Tungsten Crucibles for Rare-earth Melting Applications Tungsten is a rare and hard chemical element, which has a high melting point, high-temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, and great permeability. Tungsten crucibles are widely used for sapphire crystal growth and rare-earth melting due to their excellent characteristics. It is reported that the rare earth products smelted […]

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How Is A Tungsten Crucible Made?

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How Is A Tungsten Crucible Made? A tungsten crucible is one of the products of the tungsten metal. As the melting point of tungsten is as high as 3410℃, the tungsten crucibles can be divided into spinning, stamping, forging, and sintering according to different manufacturing processes. Spinning Tungsten Crucible It refers to the tungsten crucible […]

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