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Tungsten is a greyish-white lustrous metal, which is a solid at room temperature. Tungsten has the highest melting point and lowest vapor pressure of all metals, and at temperatures over 1650°C has the highest tensile strength.

What Are the Main Uses of Tungsten Wire?

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Tungsten is the most widely used refractory metal. It’s melting point is 3410℃, so it still has good conductivity and thermal conductivity under the conditions of low thermal expansion, low vapor pressure, and high temperature. As a form of wire, its high-temperature performance is crucial for the production of lighting products and other products. In […]

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Tungsten has Facilitated the Development of the Aerospace Industry

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Space, once the arena of great power rivalry, now depends on international co-operation for its costly endeavor. The aerospace industry represents the economic, military and technological level of a country, and is also an important symbol of a country’s comprehensive national strength and national defense strength. Of course, the development of the aerospace industry requires […]

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When Was Tungsten First Used in Light Bulbs

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More than 350 years ago, porcelain makers in China incorporated a unique peach colour into their designs by means of a tungsten pigment that was not known in the West. Indeed it was not for another century that chemists in Europe became aware of it. In 1779, Peter Woulfe examined a mineral from Sweden and […]

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