Tubes / Pipes

ARM can supply you with tubes and pipes made of molybdenum, TZM, titanium, and tantalum that perfectly meet the needs of your project. And our replacement parts and tubes for the furnace construction industry offer equally high performance.

There Are a Variety of Standard Tubes and Pipes Sizes:

Tubes/ Pipes Product List
Description Material Specification
Mo Tube Mo 3,175 x 0,381 mm
6,4 x 0,9 mm
10,0 x 1,0 mm
12,7 x 1,0 mm
16,0 x 1,0 mm
19,05 x 1,52 mm
25,0 x 1,5 mm
TZM Tube TZM Density: 9.8-10.2 g/cc
Medical Grade Titanium Alloy Tube Ti-6AL4V Customized
Titanium Tube Ti OD:3.18-50.8mm
Thickness: 0.6-1.66mm
L: up to 15000mm
Tantalum Tube/Pipe Ta OD: 1.0~150mm
WT: 0.2~5.0mm
L: 200~6000mm
Niobium Hafnium Alloy Tubes / Pipes Nb/Hf OD: 2.0-100 mm
Thickness:0.2-5.0 mm
Niobium Zirconium Alloy Tubes / Pipes Nb/Zr OD: 2.0-100 mm
Thickness:0.2-5.0 mm
Tantalum Tungsten Tube/Pipe Ta/W OD: 1.0~150mm
WT: 0.2~5.0mm
L.: 200~6000mm
Tantalum Niobium Alloy Tube/Pipe Ta/Nb OD: 1.0~150mm
WT: 0.2~5.0mm
L.: 200~6000mm
Molybdenum Rhenium Alloy Tube Mo/Re Customized
Beryllium Copper Tube C17200 Customized


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