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Sintering makes the porous powder compact into a product with certain structures and properties. Though the products’ properties are closely related to many process factors before sintering, the sintering process has a significant and even decisive effect on the final products’ organization and performance in most situations. Sintering process of carbide is more complex, but the information is very useful.

Refractory Alloy Sintering Process

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Refractory Alloy Sintering Process In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the refractory alloy sintering process. Refractory alloy sintering can be divided into six stages. Refractory Alloy Sintering Process – 1. Agent Removal & Burning Stage With the rising temperature, the molding agent gradually decomposes or vaporizes with the sintered body left. At the same time, […]

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Refractory Metal Powder And The Sintering Process of It

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Sintering Process of Refractory Metal Powder In this article, we will talk about the sintering process of refractory metal powder. So what’s sintering? Sintering is a hot processing method to produce refractory metals. First, heat the powder compact to the sintering temperature for a certain period of time. Then, wait for it to cool down […]

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