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Micro Tantalum Powders for Medical Application


Tantalum powders and its applications Tantalum powders are dark grey combustible metal powder with a high density and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity properties. And they are widely used in many applications, especially medical applications. tantalum capacitors and superalloys tantalum mill products the new generation of tantalum sputtering target alloy additives and high temperature or corrosive […]

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Types of High Temperature Refractory Metal Materials in Laser Forming

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Types of High-Temperature Refractory Metal Materials in Laser Forming Refractory metal materials with a high melting point and special properties have been developed as high – tech materials. Due to the high melting point and high-temperature strength, the smelting process of these materials is very difficult, and most refractory alloys are manufactured by powder metallurgy. […]

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Powder Metallurgy Process (Video) | Basic Information

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Powder Metallurgy Process  Powder metallurgy is a process for preparing metal powders and using metal (or metal and non-metal mixture) powder as raw materials to form parts and products by molding and sintering. A brief overview of the powder metallurgy manufacturing process showing the different stages that a component part can go through from being […]

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