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What are the Differences Between Electrolytic, Tantalum, And Ceramic Capacitors?

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Capacitors are electronic components characterized by their capacity to store electric charges. Generally, capacitors are passive electrical components, which means that their function is not dependent on extra electricity. They store energy in the electric field between a pair of conductors. Electrical energy discharges from the capacitor by chemical action. Capacitors control the flow of […]

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Tantalum Capacitor Characteristics and Applications

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Tantalum Capacitor Characteristics & Applications As a class of electrolytic capacitors, the tantalum capacitor is widely used in communications, aerospace and military industries, submarine cables, advanced electronic devices, civil appliances, televisions, and many other aspects. Tantalum capacitors are made of metal tantalum (Ta) as the anode material. According to their different anode structures, tantalum capacitors can be […]

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Why Tantalum Is Important?

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Why Tantalum Is Important? Tantalum occurs in columbium ores. As the demand for columbium increases, increasing amounts of tantalum concentrates become available. After a difficult and complex separation and reduction process, both metals are obtained in the form of powder. The powder is pressed in dies to form bars which are vacuum sintered by passing […]

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