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Molybdenum Powder Types & Applications

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Molybdenum Powder Types & Applications Molybdenum powder is an important inorganic mineral. It is gray in appearance and has the advantages of low oil absorption, low hardness, low abrasion value, non-toxic, odorless, odorless, good dispersion, etc. In this article, we’ll take a look at its types and applications.  The Types of Molybdenum Powder Generally, it can be divided into five types: […]

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Powder Metallurgy Process (Video) | Basic Information

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Powder Metallurgy Process  Powder metallurgy is a process for preparing metal powders and using metal (or metal and non-metal mixture) powder as raw materials to form parts and products by molding and sintering. A brief overview of the powder metallurgy manufacturing process showing the different stages that a component part can go through from being […]

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What Is Status of Molybdenum Recovery and Utilization?

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What Is the Status of Molybdenum Recovery and Utilization? In this article, we will take a look at the status of molybdenum recovery and utilization. With the continuous development of molybdenum industry, molybdenum raw material consumption is bigger and bigger, the recoverable resources are becoming less and less, in order to protect the environment and improve […]

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