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7 Common Metal Materials & Typical Uses


7 Common Metal Materials & Typical Uses Hundreds of thousands of different types and grades of metals can be found in the world, each of which was developed for a specific application. You come into contact with dozens of metals every day. Here we have an interesting guide that will take you through some common […]

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Top 5 Strategic Metals in The World

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Top 5 Strategic Metals in The World Technology is an essential cornerstone of modern weapons research and development. But in terms of importance, mineral resources are still above technology, which is because technology can be developed while it is really nothing that can be done without materials. Then what are the top 5 strategic metals in […]

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What are the main Military Structural Materials?

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With the development of modern science, the technology of weapon equipment is becoming more and more intensive and it is changing from mechanized war to information war. Therefore, higher and newer requirements have been put forward for military materials. Magnesium alloy As the lightest engineering metal material, magnesium alloys have a series of unique properties, […]

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Beryllium Metal Properties & Reasons Why It Can Be Applied For Missile

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Why Can Beryllium Metal Be Applied For Missile? Beryllium metal is a material with a relatively special performance, some properties of which are irreplaceable by any other metal materials, especially nuclear properties and physical properties. Beryllium is mainly concentrated in the nuclear industry, the application scope of the weapon system, aerospace industry, X-ray instruments, electronic information […]

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