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Applications of Special Oxide Refractories

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The types of special refractory include high melting point oxides, high melting point non-oxides and the resulting composite compounds, metal ceramics, high-temperature coating, high-temperature fiber and its reinforcing materials. The high melting point non-oxides are usually called refractory compounds, which include carbide, nitrogen, boride, silicified and sulfide, and the application of special oxide refractory materials […]

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What are the main Military Structural Materials?

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With the development of modern science, the technology of weapon equipment is becoming more and more intensive and it is changing from mechanized war to information war. Therefore, the higher and newer requirements have been put forward for military materials. Magnesium alloy As the lightest engineering metal material, magnesium alloys have a series of unique […]

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What are the Uses of Zirconium-containing Materials in Refractories?

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As a new material, zirconium-containing materials have been rapidly developed in the last decade or so. In the field of refractory materials, natural zirconium-containing mineral materials and artificial zirconium oxide and composite oxide raw materials have also been widely used, which are used to make various kinds of zirconium refractory with good performance. Zirconium-containing raw […]

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