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Tungsten Wire History

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Tungsten Wire History A tungsten wire is a thin wire made by forging and drawing a tungsten bar. Thanks to its excellent properties, tungsten wire enjoys a wide range of applications. For example, Tungsten wires are used in electric light sources such as incandescent lamps and halogen lamps. In this article, we’ll introduce the tungsten wire history. […]

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How Is A Tungsten Crucible Made?

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How Is A Tungsten Crucible Made? A tungsten crucible is one of the products of the tungsten metal. As the melting point of tungsten is as high as 3410℃, the tungsten crucibles can be divided into spinning, stamping, forging, and sintering according to different manufacturing processes. Spinning Tungsten Crucible It refers to the tungsten crucible […]

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Special Oxide Refractories And Their Applications

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Special Oxide Refractories And Their Applications The types of special refractory include high melting point oxides, high melting point non-oxides, and the resulting composite compounds, metal ceramics, high-temperature coating, high-temperature fiber, and its reinforcing materials. The high melting point non-oxides are usually called refractory compounds, which include carbide, nitrogen, boride, silicified, and sulfide, and the […]

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