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Tungsten Titanium Alloy Target for Chips

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Tungsten Titanium Alloy Target for Chips The main reason why new semiconductor chips choose tungsten titanium alloy targets as the diffusion barrier and bonding layer is that the alloy has good surface adhesion and excellent heat dissipation properties. In this way, the prepared product will have a higher comprehensive performance. Tungsten-titanium alloy is an alloy that […]

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Everything You Want to Know about the Most Refractory Metal Tungsten

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The Most Refractory Metal Tungsten Tungsten is widely used in our daily life. For example, the filament inside a light bulb is mainly made of tungsten. When the lamp is lit, the temperature of the filament is as high as 3000 ℃ or more. At such a high temperature, most metals will melt into liquid or even […]

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