Tungsten Titanium Alloy Target for Chips

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Tungsten Titanium Alloy Target for Chips

The main reason why new semiconductor chips choose tungsten titanium alloy targets as the diffusion barrier and bonding layer is that the alloy has good surface adhesion and excellent heat dissipation properties. In this way, the prepared product will have a higher comprehensive performance.

Tungsten Titanium Alloy Target for Chips

Tungsten Titanium Alloy Target for Chips

Tungsten-titanium alloy is an alloy that has the advantages of transition metals tungsten and titanium. It has the characteristics of higher density and purity, better corrosion resistance, and a smaller volume expansion effect, which can effectively reduce the formation of particles in the manufacturing process, that is, it can successfully prepare high-quality films.

The following is a preparation method for tungsten titanium alloy:

Step 1. Take a certain amount of tungsten powder and titanium powder and mix them evenly under the protection of an inert atmosphere. The mass percentage of the tungsten powder is 10-65%.

Step 2. A mechanical press or a cold isostatic press is used to press the resulting mixed material into a blank.

Step 3. The produced blank is placed in a vacuum sintering furnace for densification and sintering.

Step 4. After cooling the tungsten-titanium material sintered in step 3, it is smelted in a non-consumable vacuum electric arc furnace to obtain the product.

Compared with other preparation methods, the advantages of this tungsten-titanium alloy preparation method are:

1. The production process is simple and the operation is convenient.

2. Using the mixed raw materials of tungsten and titanium powder, the pressing, sintering and arc smelting process can effectively solve the technical problems of low preparation efficiency of traditional tungsten-titanium alloy, and difficult control of material uniformity and impurity content.

3. The tungsten-titanium alloy material prepared by this method has a tungsten mass percentage of 10-60%, which is suitable for batch preparation.


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