Tungsten Nickel Copper Alloy Shield

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Tungsten Nickel Copper Alloy Shield

The tungsten nickel-copper alloy shield is a new type of lead-free medical radiation shield. The biggest difference between it and the tungsten-nickel-iron alloy shield is that the W-Ni-Cu alloy is non-magnetic, so it can be used in fields that are sensitive to magnetic environments, thereby exerting its unique anti-interference advantages.

Tungsten Nickel Copper Alloy Shield

Tungsten Nickel Copper Alloy Shield

As a lead-free shield, the tungsten nickel-copper alloy shield has a higher density (~18.8g/cm3) than the lead shield, so its radiation shielding ability is also stronger.

Studies have shown that, under the same thickness, the radiation shielding ability of tungsten alloy is more than 1.7 times that of lead. When the radiation is stronger, the difference in radiation shielding ability between the two is more obvious. In other words, the thickness of the tungsten alloy shield is much thinner than that of the lead shield, but it still has excellent X-ray shielding performance.

Tungsten alloy materials are the first choice for radiation shielding materials because of their excellent radiation resistance, are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and can be used in both medical and industrial fields.

For example, it can be used for collimators and radioisotope containers in nuclear research, etc.

For another example, it can also be used for radioactive source containers for medical equipment, shielding tanks, protective screens, shielding plates, syringe shields, shielding boxes, medicine bottle shields, blades on multi-page gratings, thin plates on CT detectors, etc.


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