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How Much E-waste Do You Throw Out Every Year?

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How Much E-waste Do You Throw Out Every Year? How much e-waste do you throw out every year? That’s an interesting question. Can you imagine 80 kilograms of discarded products with batteries or plugs piling up in your living room? That’s how much e-waste the average American household throws away each year. The latest data […]

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Super Performances Of The High-specific Tungsten Alloy

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A tungsten alloy is a refractory metal consisting of W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, and W-Ni-Cu-Fe. They have high melting points and are twice as dense as steel and 50 percent higher than lead. Currently, WNiFe is a popular ingredient for high-specific tungsten alloys, such as W-Ni-Fe Alloy, which can be used to make F1 car weight and so on. […]

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