Super Performances of the High-specific Tungsten Alloy

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A tungsten alloy is a refractory metal consisting of W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, and W-Ni-Cu-Fe. They have high melting points and are twice as dense as steel and 50 percent higher than lead. Currently, WNiFe is a popular ingredient for high-specific tungsten alloys, such as W-Ni-Fe Alloy, which can be used to make F1 car weight and so on.

Tungsten Alloy

Tungsten Alloy

There are many types of high-specific tungsten-alloy products. Different processing methods can produce different types of tungsten-alloy products, such as tungsten-alloy bars, tungsten-alloy columns, tungsten-alloy blocks, and so on. Due to their excellent properties, such as their small size, high density, high strength, and high hardness, they can be used in many fields.

Tungsten-Alloy Radiation Shield

As medical technology changes with each passing day, more and more radiation in our lives has caused new problems, among which are X-rays, gamma rays, gamma rays, ionizing rays, and so on. To protect patients and healthcare workers, it is necessary to use tungsten-alloy shielding tanks to shield them from harmful radiation.

Its density of it is 17.0g/cm3~18.5g/cm3, which is larger than the ordinary material. They are used primarily as shielding devices in some fields, such as medicine and aviation. For example, they can be used as X-ray protective plates for screening X-rays and gamma rays during radiotherapy and CT examinations.

Tungsten Alloy Plates


Different processing technology makes the properties of tungsten-alloy products different. If there are high requirements for tensile strength and hardness, then it needs to be twisted and forged, which is called the tungsten-alloy spinning and forging rod for military use.

They can be used in military applications such as armor-piercing rounds, shotgun pellets, and blast fragments. After sintering, they can also be made into a tungsten-alloy square, a tungsten-alloy ball, and a tungsten-alloy small cylinder.

Other metallic elements, such as cobalt, and molybdenum, are sometimes added to the metal powder to improve its properties. If it was used to make naval weaponry, it would need to be coated with chromium on its surface to avoid corrosion by sea salt.

Scientific Research

They can be used as radiators and also for oil drilling and mineral resource exploration. Because of the increasing demand for depleted uranium, they have similar properties to depleted uranium, so they are used extensively in the military field as an alternative to depleted uranium.

Besides, depleted uranium can pollute the environment due to its radioactivity, while they are more environmentally friendly.

Other Applications

Its density is similar to that of gold, so tungsten-alloy gold plating products can be widely used as an alternative to gold. Due to the high melting point of the tungsten alloys, they can also be used at high temperatures, such as in rocket ignition tubes and rocket engines.

In addition, the tungsten-alloy material is made into a tungsten-alloy fishing pendant. All in all, they are widely used in daily life due to their excellent properties.

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