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Iridium Uses & Properties

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Iridium Uses & Properties Iridium belongs to the transition element of Group VIII of the periodic table. Iridium is a rare precious metal with the element symbol Ir, atomic number 77, and an atomic weight of 192.2. The content of iridium in the earth’s crust is one ten-millionth, and it is often dispersed together with platinum group elements […]

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Metal with High Melting Point | Top 10 Metals with High Melting Points


Metal with High Melting Point Many people know that the metal with the lowest melting point is mercury, which is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. But when it comes to a metal with a high melting point, probably not many people know the answer. That’s the reason why we’ve compiled this list […]

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How Does Iridium Work In Modern Industries?

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How Does Iridium Work in Modern Industries? How does iridium work In modern industries? If you are new to the world of refractory metal iridium, you may ask such a question. Actually, the high melting point, hardness, and corrosion resistance of Iridium and its alloys determine most of its applications. Iridium and especially iridium–platinum alloys or osmium–iridium […]

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What Are the Special Applications of Iridium Alloy?

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What Are the Special Applications of Iridium Alloy? The iridium alloy is an alloy containing other components of iridium. Most of them are brittle and difficult to process, which limits their application. People use a small amount of tungsten or hafnium to improve the processing properties of iridium in production. Adding a small amount of aluminum, […]

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Which Elements Have the Highest Melting Point?


Which Elements Have the Highest Melting Point? As we all know, the melting point is the temperature at which a substance converts from a solid state to a liquid state. Some of the metals show very high melting points at least 2,000 degrees Celsius, and they also have very high physical strength. These metals are […]

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