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Corrosion-Resistant Zirconium Alloy

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Corrosion-Resistant Zirconium Alloy In this article, we’ll introduce the corrosion-resistant zirconium alloy. As we all know, zirconium has excellent corrosion resistance and can resist the corrosion of most organic acids, inorganic acids, strong alkalis, and some molten salts. Therefore, some key components in the corrosive environment can use zirconium to increase the service life. Another way […]

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Zirconium Alloys 101

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Zirconium Alloys 101 Zirconium is a silvery-white transition metal with a very low thermal neutron absorption cross-section, high hardness, good ductility, and corrosion resistance. Zirconium alloy is a solid solution of zirconium or other metals. The main use of zirconium alloys is in the field of nuclear technology, such as fuel rods in nuclear reactors. Beyond the […]

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Why Is Zirconium Used In Nuclear Reactors?


Why Is Zirconium Used In Nuclear Reactors? Zirconium is a rare metal with amazing corrosion resistance, high melting point, high hardness, and strength. It is widely used in aerospace, military, nuclear reaction, and atomic energy fields. In the video below, there is an experiment that explains why zirconium used in nuclear reactors. Initially, zirconium was […]

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