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Improving Electrical Contacts with Molybdenum-Rhenium Alloys

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Introduction The reliability of electrical contacts is critical in various industries, from aerospace to electronics. To enhance the performance and longevity of electrical contacts, materials with exceptional properties are required. Molybdenum-Rhenium (Mo-Re) alloys have emerged as a game-changing solution due to their unique combination of attributes. In this article, we delve into the role of […]

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Applications of Molybdenum Rhenium Alloys

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Applications of Molybdenum Rhenium Alloys So far, rhenium is the most effective element to improve the properties of molybdenum alloys. The addition of rhenium greatly reduces the plastic-brittle transition temperature of the molybdenum alloy, so that the molybdenum-rhenium alloy has good room temperature performance. At the same time, it can increase the recrystallization temperature of […]

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What Are the Uses of Rhenium?

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What Are the Uses of Rhenium? Rhenium is a rare refractory metal that not only has good plasticity, and mechanical properties but also has good wear and corrosion resistance. Rhenium can be processed into rhenium plates, rhenium rods, rhenium sheets, as well as rhenium wires. In this article, let’s take a deeper look at the […]

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