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How Is Molybdenum Metal Used in Vacuum Furnace Hot Zone?

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Introduction Molybdenum metal is employed in a variety of industries like electronics, semiconductors, glass-making, and most importantly heating applications. For instance, there is a range of vacuum furnace hot zones made from molybdenum metal. Figure 1. Molybdenum Sheets Therefore, this article is going to explore how molybdenum metal is applied to manufacture heating apparatus using […]

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Rhenium Applications | What Is Rhenium Used for?

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Rhenium Applications The previous article, Overview of Rhenium, introduces the discovery history of rhenium (Re), its physical and chemical properties, and magical rhenium effects. In this article, we will take a close look at the rhenium applications. People have tried their best and they only have about 50 tons of rhenium a year. What is rhenium used […]

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