NIOBIUM – A Material for Innovations with Great Future Potential

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In actual fact, niobium, like all other metals, is gray. However, by applying a passifying oxide layer, we allow our metal to gleam in a beautiful array of colors.

Niobium is ductile and occurs with tantalum in a natural ore. Like tantalum, niobium also features outstanding chemical and oxidation resistance.

Niobium has a gleaming white appearance on polished surfaces. It is characterized by a high melting point of 2,477°C and a density of 8.58g/cm³. Niobium can be easily formed, even at low temperatures. But niobium is not just pretty to look at. Like tantalum, it is resistant against many chemicals and can be easily formed even at low temperatures.

A multi-talented material is widely used for optical applications, electronics and superalloys. Niobium materials can be widely used in manufacturing coins and diamonds. The applications for which our niobium is used are as diverse as the properties of the material itself.

Its combination of unique chemical and physical elements makes it particularly suitable for a wide variety of challenging high technology applications:

Precious and glowing with color
When used in coin production, our niobium can be seen in its very best light. An anodizing process forms a thin oxide layer on the niobium core. The refraction of the incident light causes the layer to shine in a range of different colors. We can influence these colors by modifying the thickness of the layer. From red to blue: Any color is possible.

Pure niobium melted quality
We supply our niobium ready for melting in sheet, ribbon or rod form. We are also very happy to manufacture complex parts.

Excellent formability and resistance
Its high level of resistance and excellent formability make niobium the perfect material for the crucibles used to manufacture synthetic polycrystalline diamonds (PCD). Our niobium crucibles are used for the high-pressure, high-temperature synthesis.

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