WM1450 Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy

Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy Description

Tungsten Lanthanum AlloyAdding small quantities of lanthanum oxide (La₂O₃, 1.0~2.0%) to tungsten will improve its creep resistance and the recrystallization temperature. The machining performance for Lanthanum oxide-doped tungsten (Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy, W-La alloy) is better than pure tungsten. Which makes the Lanthanum oxide doped tungsten (Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy, W-La alloy) an ideal material for ion sources, welding electrodes and contact electrodes.

The regular content is 1.5% of lanthanum oxide for Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy (W-La alloy).

Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy Properties

-High melting point
-High thermal stability
-Good electrical conductivity
-Good thermal conductivity
-Low thermal expansion coefficient

Catalog No. WM1450
Material W-La
Appearance Silvery Metal

Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy Applications

-Coils/boats for evaporating equipment
-Circular blanks for semi-conductor technology
-Power supply wires and anodes/cathodes for thermionic tubes
-Electrodes for plasma coating
-Electrodes for electric resistance welding
-TIG electrodes for shield gas welding, plasma welding

Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy Products

-Tungsten lanthanum alloy rods
– Tungsten lanthanum alloy sheets & plates
– Tungsten lanthanum alloy electrodes
-Components per drawings

Our Tungsten Lanthanum Alloy products are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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