WM0140 Cemented Tungsten Carbide Strip

Cemented Tungsten Carbide Strip Description

Ccemented tungsten carbide stripsemented Tungsten Carbide is a sintered metallurgical product of powder form. It is manufactured in vacuum or Hydrogen reduction furnaces with refractory Tungsten material (WC) micron powder as the main ingredient and Cobalt (Co), Nickel (Ni), or Molybdenum (Mo) as the binder.

Cemented Tungsten Carbide Strip Applications

Cemented Tungsten Carbide can be used to cut cast iron, nonferrous metals, plastics, chemical fiber, stainless steel, high Manganese steel, etc. It also has specialized uses in making drilling tools, mining tools, measuring gauges, wear parts, cylinder liners, precision bearings, nozzles, metal molds, etc.

Cemented Tungsten Carbide Strip Specification

Size (mm) Thickness Tolerance (mm) Width Tolerance (mm) Length Tolerance (mm)
1 x (2 ~ 5) x L Thickness = 7.0, Tolerance: +0.2/+0.5;
Thickness > 7, Tolerance: +0.2/+0.7.
Width = 30, Tolerance: +0.2/+0.6;
Width> 30, Tolerance: +0.2/+0.8.
Length<100> 100≤Length<200> Length = 200, Tolerance: 0/+5.0.
1.5 x (2 ~ 10) x L
2.0 x (3.5 ~ 15) x L
2.5 x (2.5 ~ 20) x L
3.0 x (3.0 ~ 20) x L
3.5 x (3.5 ~ 25) x L
4.0 x (4.0 ~ 30) x L
5.0 x (4.0 ~ 40) x L
6.0 x (5.0 ~ 40) x L
(7 ~ 20) x (7 ~ 40) x L

Cemented Tungsten Carbide Strip Applications

Our cemented tungsten carbide strips are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.


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