CM2840 Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B150)

Catalog No. CM2840
Molecular Formula Cu-Al-Ni-Fe
Appearance Light Bronze Bar/Sheets
Standard ASTM B150


Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B150) Description

Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B150)Nickel Aluminum Bronzes have been adapted with time to optimize performance and can provide a combination of properties that can offer an economic alternative to other types of alloy systems. Nickel Aluminum Bronzes are available in both cast and wrought product forms and have a unique combination of properties such as excellent wear and galling resistance, high corrosion resistance, high strength, density (10% lighter than steel), low magnetic permeability (of

Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B150) Specifications

Size (round bar) 1" – 10" Diameter
Bar ASTM B150
Bar, Forging ASTM B124
Electrode, Welding AWS A5.6, MILITARY MIL-E-23765/3
Forgings, Die ASTM B283
Plate ASTM B171
Rod ASTM B150
Rod, Forging ASTM B124
Shapes ASTM B150
Shapes, Forging ASTM B124



Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B150) Applications

There is a large market for Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B150) in naval applications, particularly for the submarine fleets of the world. The main applications are in seawater piping and valve systems, weapons handling, flexible couplings, sonar equipment, seawater external hatches, hydraulic valves and bearings, fasteners, and sealing flanges, low noise propellers, propulsion equipment as well as periscope assemblies. These applications make use of some of the important properties of the nickel aluminum bronzes: good corrosion resistance, non-sparking, wear resistance, high strength, and good impact properties.

The alloys also exhibit good anti-damping property, twice that of steel, which is important for submarines in suppressing sound for silent operations. Non-sparking and wear resistance become particularly important in weapons’ handling systems. The various grades with lower iron and nickel contents can be manufactured with magnetic permeability below 1.03 µ.

Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B150) Packaging

Our Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B150) is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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