TA0074 Tantalum Lump

Descriptions of Tantalum Lumptantalum-lump

Advanced Refractory Metals specializes in producing high purity Tantalum Lump with the highest possible density and smallest possible average grain sizes for use in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processes. Our standard lump pieces are amorphous uniform pieces in sizes ranging from 5-15 mm. Lump materials are produced using crystallization, solid state and other ultra high purification processes such as sublimation.

Specifications of Tantalum Lump

Tantalum Lump Properties (Theoretical)

Molecular Weight 180.94
Appearance Silvery-gray solid
Melting Point 3017 °C
Boiling Point 5458 °C
Density 16.69 g/cm3 (20 °C)
Crystal Phase / Structure α: body-centered cubic (bcc) / β: tetragonal
Electrical Resistivity 131 nΩ·m (20 °C)
Electronegativity 1.5 Paulings
Heat of Fusion 36.57 kJ/mol
Heat of Vaporization 753 kJ/mol
Poisson's Ratio 0.34
Specific Heat 140 J/kg·K
Thermal Conductivity 57.5 W/m·K
Thermal Expansion 6.3 µm/m·K
Vickers Hardness 870–1200 MPa
Young's Modulus 186 GPa

Applications of Tantalum Lump

* Used in laboratory equipment.
* Used as a substitute for platinum.
* Used in manufacturing superalloys and electron-beam melting.
* Used in metallurgical, machinery processing, glass and ceramic industries.
* Used as a superalloy additive in nickel-based alloys.
* Used for sputtering targets.

Packaging of Tantalum Lump

Our tantalum lump is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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