TA0004 Tantalum Tube/Pipe

Descriptions of Tantalum Tube/Pipetantalum-tube

Advanced Refractory Metals provides tantalum tube (Ta tubes, Ta tubing, Tantalum pipe) including seamless tube and welded tube & pipe. Welded tantalum tubing & piping is made from tantalum strip and tantalum foil, welded tubes can be with the wall thickness is thin and large OD. Other shaped and machined parts of tantalum are also available upon request.

Specifications of Tantalum Tube/Pipe

Size OD: 1.0~150mm; WT: 0.2~5.0mm; L: 200~6000mm
Material R05200, R05400
Standard ASTM B521-98
Purity 99.95% or 99.99%


Tantalum and Tantalum Alloy Material Grades

* R05200, unalloyed tantalum, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt, or both

* R05400, unalloyed tantalum, powder-metallurgy consolidation.

* R05255, tantalum alloy, 90 % tantalum, 10 % tungsten, electron-beam furnace of vacuum-arc melt, or both.

* R05252, tantalum alloy, 97.5 % tantalum, 2.5 % tungsten, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt, or both.

* R05240, tantalum alloy, 60 % tantalum, 40 % niobium, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt.

Applications of Tantalum Tube/Pipe

* Used for the manufacturing of reaction vessels.

* Used for heat exchanger pipes, condensers, bayonet heaters, helical coils, thermocouple, and protective tubes, etc.

Packaging of Tantalum Tube/Pipe

Our tantalum tubes are mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the tantalum pipe and tantalum tubing during transportation and handling.

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by Ilka Erkens-Weber on Refractory Metals and Alloys

Many times products like these tantalum tubes get dented or bent in transit. Mine arrived in perfect condition and is on the job now.

by Daniel J Pendleton on Refractory Metals and Alloys

Excellent piece of tube, worked perfectly for my welding project.