TM0152 Titanium Fasteners

Descriptions of Titanium Fastenerstitanium-fastener

Titanium fasteners are essential in reducing the weight off an assembly. Typically, weight savings in using titanium fasteners is almost half and they are just about as strong as steel, depending on the grade. Fasteners can be found in standard sizes, as well as many custom sizes to fit all applications.

Advanced Refractory Metals is a leading supplier of titanium fasteners. We can provide high purity titanium products with competitive price and great delivery time.

Specifications of Titanium Fasteners

Type specifications for our Titanium Fasteners (screws, nuts, washer, bolts, etc.)

Standard Description Standard Description
DIN 84 slotted cheese head screws DIN 439 jam nuts
DIN 125 flat washers DIN 963 slotted countersunk flat head screws
DIN 127 spring lock washers DIN 965 Phillips flat head machine screws
DIN 912 hex socket head cap screws DIN 985 lock nuts (with non-metallic insert)
DIN913/DIN 914/ DIN915/DIN916 set screws DIN 1665/DIN 6921 hex bolts with flange
DIN 931 hex head cap screws (part thread) DIN 6912/DIN 7984 hexagon socket thin head cap screws
DIN 933 hex head cap screws (full thread) DIN 7991 flat head countersunk socket cap screws
DIN 934 hex nuts DIN 9021 flat washer

Material & size specifications for our Titanium fasteners (screws, nuts, washer, bolts, etc.)

Product Titanium Fasteners
Material Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 9, etc.
Specification DIN933 DIN931 DIN6921 DIN934 DIN985 DIN6923 DIN125 DIN127 DIN9021 DIN975 DIN912 DIN7991 DIN963 DIN84 ISO7380
Size Titanium Bolt, Titanium Screws Titanium Nut Titanium Washer
M3 to M30
Length: 10mm-300mm
M3-M22 OD: 5mm-200mm
ID: 1mm-100mm Thickness: 0.1mm-30mm


Applications of Titanium Fasteners

Due to their high strength-to-weight ratios and excellent corrosion resistance, Titanium fasteners are widely used in many applications including the racing, medical equipment, and manufacturing industries.

Packaging of Titanium Fasteners

Our Ti Fasteners are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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