Descriptions of ALLOY 52Molybdenum-Lanthanum-Wire

Glass sealing Alloy 52 is a controlled expansion alloy made of 51 percent Nickel and balance Iron exhibits low thermal expansion properties. Due to a higher content of Nickel than its other Nickel Iron family members, it also exhibits good magnetic properties. It’s commonly used in the Semiconductor and Telecommunications industry it also has a variety of other electronic applications.

With the addition of Iron, Alloy 52 is more durable than Nickel by itself and exhibits good machining properties.

ALLOY 52 Available Forms:

Alloy 52 Rod
Alloy 52 Rod Diameter
.040” .156”
.058” .187”
.060” .1875”
.0625” .250”
.066” .500”
Alloy 52 Strip/Coil
Alloy 52 Strip/Coil Thickness
.010” .015”
Alloy 52 Plate

Specifications of ALLOY 52

    • ASTM F30-68
    • MIL I-23011 Class 2
    • UNS K95050

Applications of ALLOY 52

Glass to metal seals for electronic tubes, automotive and industrial lamps, and specialty hermetic devices.

Packaging of ALLOY 52

Our ALLOY 52 is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of the product in its original condition.

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