Descriptions of ALLOY 42Molybdenum-Lanthanum-Wire

Alloy 42 (Nilo 42) is a nickel-iron controlled-expansion alloy containing 42% nickel. Alloy 42 (Nilo 42) has a low and normally constant coefficient of thermal expansion from room temperature to about 300ºC (570ºF).

Alloy 42 (Nilo 42) is used for semiconductor lead frames in integrated circuits, bi-metal thermostat strip, thermostat rods, for ceramic-to-metal seals with alumina ceramics, and various glass-to-metal seals such as the core of copper-clad-wire for sealing into glass envelopes of electric bulbs, radio valves, television tubes and fluorescent lights.

ALLOY 42 Available Forms:

Sheet, Bar, Plate and Wire

Stock Sizes
TK X Width X Length
Coil Sheet Foto Etching & Chemical Milling Quality Coil Lead Frame or Deep Draw Hot Rolled Plate
TK X Width X Length
0.005 x 16 yes yes yes yes 0.250+ x WI x
0.375+ x WI x
0.625 + xWI xMaster Plates cut to size
Flame Cutting
0.006 x 16 yes yes yes yes
0.0075 x 16 yes yes yes yes
0.008 x 16 yes yes yes yes
0.010 x 16 yes yes yes yes
0.015 x 16 yes yes yes yes
0.020 x 24 x 72 yes yes yes yes
0.030 x 24 x 72 yes yes yes yes
0.040 x 24 x 72 yes yes   yes
0.061 x 24 x 72 yes yes   yes
0.080 x 10 yes     yes
0.100 x 24 x 72   yes    
0.125 x 16 x 72   yes    

Specifications of ALLOY 42

UNS: K94100
Werkstoff Nr. 1.3917
ASTM F29 Wire
ASTM F30 Sheet, Strip, Rod, Bar, Tubing, Wire
B753 Sheet and Strip
SEW 385 Sheet, Strip, Bar
DIN 17745
AFNOR NF A54-301
Tradename Nilo 42

Applications of ALLOY 42

Semiconductor packages
Electronic tubes
CRT electron guns
Industrial lamps

Packaging of ALLOY 42

Our ALLOY 42 is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of the product in its original condition.

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