RE0436 Rhenium Powder

Descriptions of Rhenium Powder

The rhenium metal powder is a light-gray metal powder made of agglomerated single crystals. It features the highest degree of purity and consistent, certified product quality, which we guarantee. Typically, it is first thoroughly mixed with other components of the special alloys.

Advanced Refractory Metals could supply Rhenium powder with 99.9~99.999% purity and -100 or -200 mesh particle size. 

Specifications of Rhenium Powder

4N purity grade Rhenium powder

* Rhenium content 99.99% min(excluding gas elements)

* Maximum trace metallic impurities, analyzed by ICP-MS

Na 0.0005% Ti 0.0001% Cu 0.0001% Sb 0.0001%
Mg 0.0001% V 0.0001% Zn 0.0001% Ta 0.0001%
Al 0.0001% Cr 0.0001% As 0.0001% W 0.0005%
Si 0.0005% Mn 0.0001% Zr 0.0001% Pb 0.0001%
P 0.0005% Fe 0.0005% Mo 0.0010% Bi 0.0001%
K 0.0005% Co 0.0001% Cd 0.0001% Se 0.0001%
Ca 0.0005% Ni 0.0001% Sn 0.0001% Tl 0.0001%


5N purity grade Rhenium powder

* High purity Re powder. 99.999%(excluding gas elements)

* Maximum trace metallic impurities, analyzed by ICP-MS

Na 0.0001% Ti 0.00001% Cu 0.00001% Sb 0.00001%
Mg 0.00005% V 0.00001% Zn 0.00001% Ta 0.00001%
Al 0.00005% Cr 0.00001% As 0.00001% W 0.00005%
Si 0.0001% Mn 0.00001% Zr 0.00001% Pb 0.00001%
P 0.0001% Fe 0.0005% Mo 0.0001% Bi 0.00001%
K 0.0001% Co 0.00001% Cd 0.00001% Se 0.00001%
Ca 0.00005% Ni 0.00001% Sn 0.00001% Tl 0.00001%


Applications of Rhenium Powder

Rhenium powder is mainly be used as the metal additive in ultrahigh temperature alloy, it’s also used for surface coating, and making deep processed rhenium metal products, such as rhenium plate, rhenium sheet, rhenium rod, rhenium pellet and so on.

Packaging of Rhenium Powder

Our rhenium powder is wrapped in foam and packaged in plywood cases to ensure safe storage and transportation.

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