RE0443 Rhenium Sheet/Foil/Plate

Descriptions of Rhenium Sheet / Foil / Platerhenium-sheets

Rhenium is a rare metal with unique properties that make it ideally suited for today’s most powerful engines and critical chemical reactions. Rhenium sheet /foil/plate is pure rhenium metal products which were deeply processing with high temperature and high pressure. 

Advanced Refractory Metals provides Rhenium sheet /foil/plate with high purity and competitive price.

Specifications of Rhenium Sheet / Foil / Plate

Purity: Re>99.95%

Dimension Range, mm
Thickness 0.02~10
Width 10~300
Length 10~1000


Chemical Composition:

Main content: Re 99.95% min(excluding gas elements)

Maximum trace metallic impurities, analyzed by ICP-MS

Maximum gas elements, analyzed by LECO

Na 0.0005% Ti 0.0001% Cu 0.0001% Sb 0.0001%
Mg 0.0001% V 0.0005% Zn 0.0002% Ta 0.0001%
Al 0.0005% Cr 0.0015% As 0.0001% W 0.0020%
Si 0.0005% Mn 0.0001% Zr 0.0005% Pb 0.0001%
P 0.0005% Fe 0.0020% Mo 0.0020% Bi 0.0001%
K 0.0005% Co 0.0001% Cd 0.0001% Se 0.0001%
Ca 0.0005% Ni 0.0010% Sn 0.0001% Tl 0.0001%

Applications of Rhenium Sheet / Foil / Plate

* Rhenium sheet and plate are mainly used as electrode materials in high temperature and harsh conditions, for production of electronic components and ultrahigh temperature heater tube with metal evaporation in semiconductor and electronics industry.

* The high-temperature heating parts need to work under special conditions, compared with other materials, pure rhenium heating has better electrical performance, longer life expectancy, these significant properties are more resistant to the harsh working atmosphere and favored by the users.

* Rhenium foil is mainly used for chemical vapor phase deposition coating and film(CVD) and physical vapor deposition(PVD) process, including hot electron beam evaporation, low-temperature organic evaporation, atomic layer deposition(ALD) and metal organic chemical vapor deposition product(MOCVD) etc.

* Others can be used for manufacturing special parts in aerospace equipment

Packaging of Rhenium Sheet / Foil / Plate

Our rhenium rod is wrapped in foam and packaged in plywood cases to ensure safe storage and transportation.

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by Josh Oen on Refractory Metals and Alloys

Worked perfectly for my summer camp project. Good value.

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The excellent high-quality sheet that became an integral part of the project!