RE0442 Rhenium Pellet

Descriptions of Rhenium Pellet

The rhenium pellets feature the highest degree of purity and consistent, certified product quality, which we guarantee. The high degree of chemical purity makes it possible to manufacture superalloys with perfectly formed crystal structures. The pellets’ solidity and uniform geometry make it easy to accurately measure out exact quantities in foundry operations.

Specifications of Rhenium Pellet

Purity:  99.99%

Maximum trace metallic impurities, analyzed by ICP-MS

Maximum gas elements, analyzed by LECO

Na 0.0005% Ti 0.0001% Cu 0.0001% Sb 0.0001%
Mg 0.0001% V 0.0001% Zn 0.0001% Ta 0.0001%
Al 0.0001% Cr 0.0001% As 0.0001% W 0.0005%
Si 0.0005% Mn 0.0001% Zr 0.0001% Pb 0.0001%
P 0.0005% Fe 0.0005% Mo 0.0010% Bi 0.0001%
K 0.0005% Co 0.0001% Cd 0.0001% Se 0.0001%
Ca 0.0005% Ni 0.0001% Sn 0.0001% Tl 0.0001%

Applications of Rhenium Pellet

* Used as an additive element in superalloys
* Used for producing master alloys for the parts of the engine in modern high-speed aero-planes and parts of Astro-aviation equipment
* Used in super high-temperature fields

Packaging of Rhenium Pellet

Our rhenium pellets are wrapped in foam and packaged in plywood cases to ensure safe storage and transportation.

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