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Descriptions of Tungsten Alloy Counterweight Partstungsten-alloy-counter-weight-parts

Tungsten Balance Weights (Tungsten Counterbalances, Tungsten Counterweights) are made from our tungsten heavy alloy, tungsten counterweight can be used to compensate for oscillations, weight transfers, imbalances, and vibrations, create or shift centers of gravity and more generally ensure the optimum balance.

Advanced Refractory Metals has 20 years of experience supplying the highest quality tungsten alloy counterweight parts for various high tech applications. We provide tungsten weights, counterbalances and ballasts as per your specifications.

Specifications of Tungsten Alloy Counterweight Parts

Size Manufactured per drawing
Material W-Ni-Fe & W-Ni-Cu
Standard ASTM B777/ MIL-T-21014
Purity W 90-97%
Density 17.0-18.5 g/cc
Surface Finish turning, Milling, Grinding


Applications of Tungsten Alloy Counterweight Parts

Tungsten balance weights are crucial components in many different applications. Tungsten Counterbalance weights help to reduce the loads that parts are exposed to and consequently increase their service life. Such as:

* Aviation and aerospace: Propeller and rotor blades, Aircraft weights

* Automotive industry: Crankshaft counterweights/balancing and chassis weights, Vibration dampening governors, Balances of flywheels and turbines

* Watch industry: Bobs/weights on watch rotors

* Optical industry: Microscopes and measuring instruments

Our tungsten balance weights can be made by W-Ni-Fe & W-Ni-Cu tungsten alloys, and we provide tungsten balance weights, tungsten counterbalances, and tungsten alloy ballasts as your drawing.

Packaging of Tungsten Alloy Counterweight Parts

Our tungsten alloy counterweight parts are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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