TM0163 Titanium Strip/Ribbon

Descriptions of Titanium Strip / Ribbontitanium-strips

Titanium strip and Titanium alloy strip can be used in electronics, chemicals, watches, glasses, jewelry, sporting goods, machinery, plating equipment, environmental equipment, golf and precision machining industries, etc.. Another important usage for titanium strip is to make titanium welding pipe, which is widely used in heat exchangers.

Advanced Refractory Metals offers high-quality Titanium Strip and Titanium Ribbon from 0.1 to 0.8mm width. We also manufacture titanium products with custom sizes or materials upon request.

Specifications of Titanium Strip / Ribbon


Width: 50mm-300mm (3.94"-11.8")

Thickness: 0.1mm-0.8mm (0.004"-0.032")

Length: >500mm (19.7")

Material Grade1, Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 5, Grade 7 and Grade 9.
Standard ASTM B265, AMSE SB 265
Technical Cold rolled

Applications of Titanium Strip / Ribbon

* Electronics
* Aerospace
* Chemicals
* Jewelry, watches, and glasses
* Sporting goods
* Golf and precision machining industries, etc.

Packaging of Titanium Strip / Ribbon

Our titanium strips and ribbons are wrapped in foam and packaged in plywood cases to ensure safe storage and transport.

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