SH1052 Tantalum Wire Mesh

Descriptions of Tantalum Wire Meshtantalum-wire-mesh

Tantalum wire mesh is a rare metal mesh which uses tantalum wire as raw material. In other word, its original material is tantalum powder, through the plastic working of rolling and drawing formed into essential material for the chemical liquid filter, vacuum furnace grate, electronic component production and so on.

Advanced Refractory Metals is a leading supplier of tantalum wire mesh. Our tantalum wire mesh sizes range from 10mm- to 2000mm width. 

Specifications of Tantalum Wire Mesh

Material Tantalum Wire
Dia.: 0.05mm-10.0mm
Mesh 1-150 mesh
Aperture rate:10%-90%
Size: 10mm-2000mm Width x Length
Processing Plain Weave and Twill Weave

Applications of Tantalum Wire Mesh

Tantalum rods and tantalum bars appear in many applications, including:


* Electro-vacuum industry
* Heat treatment
* Chemical
* Electronic industry
* Medical
* Water treatment
* Temperature halogen


* As a substitute for platinum
* Chemical liquid filter
* Gas-liquid filter
* Heater support mesh
* Electronic instrument electrode
* Electric vacuum components
* Stitch injured tissue.
* Sieving screen

Packaging of Tantalum Wire Mesh

Our tantalum wire mesh is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our product in its original condition.

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