MU3440 Molybdenum Mesh, Mo Mesh

Descriptions of Molybdenum MeshMolybdenum Mesh

The surface of the molybdenum mesh has uniform meshes, no broken wires, and no loopholes. The melting point of molybdenum is as high as 2640℃, and it has extremely high-temperature resistance. Therefore, molybdenum mesh is used in corrosion-resistant production connectors, structural parts that work in high-temperature environments, heating elements, and integrated circuits. It is widely used in aerospace and military applications.

Specifications of Molybdenum Mesh

Mesh Dia. Of Mesh (mm) Aperture (mm) Maximum Width (m)
10 0.6 1.94 1.6
20 0.4 0.87 1.6
30 0.3 0.55 1.6
40 0.23 0.4 1.6
50 0.2 0.31 1.6
60 0.15 0.27 1.6
70 0.12 0.24 1.6
80 0.13 0.19 1.6
90 0.12 0.16 1.6
100 0.1 0.15 1.6
120 0.09 0.12 1.6
150 0.063 0.11 1.6
180 0.053 0.09 1.6
200 0.053 0.07 1.6

 Customized dimensions and specifications were also available.

Applications of Molybdenum Mesh

Molybdenum mesh has excellent high-temperature resistance. It is mainly used for soft and strong magnetic sintering and matched
with a molybdenum box. In the strong magnetic sintering, it is used as a supporting net in a vacuum furnace. The infiltration heat treatment equipment is fully automated, so the flatness and weaving strength of the molybdenum net have high requirements. The molybdenum lanthanum alloy can effectively enhance the surface strength of the molybdenum mesh so that it can have a good flatness after leveling.

Packaging of Molybdenum Mesh

Our Molybdenum Mesh is carefully handled to minimize damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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