Application of Tungsten Alloy in Industrial Shielding

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Application of Tungsten Alloy in Industrial Shielding

In our last article, we introduced the application of high-specific gravity tungsten alloy in medical shielding. Actually, in addition to medical radiation shielding parts that can use tungsten alloy as the main production raw material, industrial shielding parts can also be made of tungsten alloy. So in this article, let’s take a look at the application of tungsten alloy in industrial shielding.

Application of Tungsten Alloy in Industrial Shielding

Application of Tungsten Alloy in Industrial Shielding

Industrial shields containing tungsten alloy not only have a strong ability to block the penetration of radiation, but also have the advantages of light in weight, convenience, and environmental protection. They can also improve work efficiency when protecting the lives of industrial operators.

Geological drilling is a typical exploration technology, widely used in oil and natural gas industrial fields, including cable drilling and borehole drilling. This technology can be simply understood as putting the gamma-ray source into the borehole, the radiation can penetrate the rock formation, and the display will display the corresponding data, so the operator can analyze whether there is oil or natural gas in the rock formation with the data obtained. However, the staff must be inseparable from the shield when performing flaw detection operations to ensure that they are protected from injury as much as possible.

As the mainstream shielding materials today, tungsten alloy is also the material of choice for industrial shields. Although the volume of the tungsten alloy shield is 1/3 smaller than that of lead under the same weight, the shielding effect is equivalent to that of lead, which helps geological drilling personnel to use the shield more conveniently.

In short, compared to ordinary shielding materials, tungsten alloys are more suitable for the production of industrial shields.

More about Tungsten Alloy

Tungsten alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten as the main raw material and other elements as auxiliary materials. It has the characteristics of a higher melting point, larger specific gravity, stronger corrosion resistance, and better thermodynamic properties, and is widely used in aerospace, military, national defense, electronic industry, and other fields.

When producing tungsten alloys, in order to improve the plasticity of tungsten alloys, the content of oxygen and carbon must be reduced. Taking into account the comprehensive properties of tungsten alloys, Rhenium and Molybdenum are the most effective solid solution-strengthening elements, but when applied in a nuclear radiation environment, it is best not to use Rhenium elements.


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