Tungsten Alloys for Mobile Phone Motors

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Tungsten Alloys for Mobile Phone Motors

Tungsten alloy is a kind of alloy based on tungsten (85% ~ 99% tungsten content) and added with a small amount of Ni. Cu, Fe. Co. Mo, Cr, and other elements. Its density is as high as 16.5 ~ 18.75g/ cm³. Thanks to their excellent properties, tungsten alloys are widely used in electronics and electric light source industries. They are also used to make rocket nozzles, die-casting molds, armor-piercing bullet cores, contacts, heating elements, and heat shields in aerospace, casting, weapons, and other sectors. In this article, we will take a look at the tungsten alloys for mobile phone motors.

Tungsten Alloys for Mobile Phone Motors

Tungsten Alloys for Mobile Phone Motors

Compared with other alloys, tungsten alloys are more suitable for use in small mobile phone motors. This is mainly because they have the characteristics of high density, high hardness, non-magnetic, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly and healthy, good wear resistance, and oxidation resistance. It is worth mentioning here that tungsten-based alloys are mainly used as mobile phone vibrators.

The mobile phone vibrator is an important part of the mobile phone vibrating device. When the mobile phone vibrates, there will be eccentric movement, which is caused by the eccentric motor in the vibrating part. The motor uses the electromagnetic force received by the coil to rotate. When the direction of the input current to the coil is X, the coil will be pushed upward. At the same time, when the current direction is opposite to the X direction, the coil is pushed down. 

When these two forces reach equilibrium, the motor will spin. Driven by electromagnetic force, the motor keeps rotating and the mobile phone vibrator at the end will cause the mobile phone to vibrate during the rotation due to the asymmetry of the weight.

The mobile phone vibrator has been rotating at high speed, so it has higher requirements for its wear resistance. With its excellent physical and chemical properties, tungsten-based alloys have become the preferred raw material for the preparation of mobile phone vibrators. Tungsten alloy mobile phone vibrator not only realizes the advantages of small size and high weight but also has the characteristics of long service life.


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