How to Prolong the Service Life of Molybdenum Wire?

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How to Prolong the Service Life of Molybdenum Wire?

Molybdenum wire is made of precious metals such as molybdenum. Pure molybdenum wire is used for winding-core wires, brackets, lead wires, heating elements, molybdenum foil tapes, and spraying of auto parts. Lanthanum molybdenum wire can be used for wire-wound core glass seals, molybdenum foil tapes, furnace heating materials, wire-cut high-temperature components, etc. Yttrium-molybdenum wire can be used for brackets, lead wires, electronic tube reeds, grids, furnace heating materials, and high-temperature components. In this article, we will take a look at how to prolong the service life of molybdenum wire.

How to Prolong the Service Life of Molybdenum Wire?

How to Prolong the Service Life of Molybdenum Wire?

The molybdenum wire will be damaged every time it discharges with the workpiece but to a small extent. Therefore, after replacing the molybdenum wire with a new one, it is best to use low-energy processing parameters to cut (to make the damage less), wait until the color of the molybdenum wire is completely white, and then switch to cutting with a normal high current. Before changing the molybdenum wire for cutting, it is best to let the molybdenum wire run dry for 5-10 minutes to release its original internal stress.

When the wire is broken by the wire-cutting machine, most of the ends are broken within a dozen to dozens of turns after the wire barrel changes direction. The molybdenum wires at both ends are easily broken. The solution is to move the molybdenum wire barrel forward and reverse the stroke switch control block outward or inward at regular intervals.

Store the molybdenum wire in a ventilated and cool place with low humidity. Please try to control the temperature at 20℃~25℃ to avoid oxidation of the molybdenum wire. If the molybdenum wire is placed for more than 6 months, the verticality problem may occur. Please check whether the package has been deformed or damaged before use.

In terms of use, the molybdenum wire is very easy to deform and break, so do not bend the molybdenum wire when loading the wire. If you accidentally bend it, you must cut off the bend to avoid wire breakage during processing. The wire-cutting fluid also directly affects the performance of the molybdenum wire. The wire-cutting fluid will turn black after a long period of use, and the cutting fluid should be replaced in time.


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