What Are The Important Applications Of Silicon Carbide?

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What Are The Important Applications Of Silicon Carbide?

We have gained a lot of benefits from the applications of silicon carbide in the traditional field, but the raw materials of silicon carbide have more value for us to develop. In order to further widen the application range of silicon carbide, the R&D personnel of silicon carbide technology is making continuous efforts and testing, so as to improve the applications of silicon carbide step by step.

The Important Applications Of Silicon Carbide

The Important Applications Of Silicon Carbide

The advantages of good heat conduction, high hardness, high-temperature resistance, and wear resistance of silicon carbide can reduce fuel consumption by 20%, save fuel by 35% and increase productivity by 20%-30%. Silicon carbide has been identified as a new material of the future with great potential for development.

Silicon carbide materials are widely used in fields ranging from computers and household appliances to hybrid electric vehicles to the national power grid, railway transportation, and the photovoltaic industry, which need to save energy, reduce consumption and improve power efficiency.

Silicon carbide is resistant to high temperatures and is harder than diamond. The use of silicon carbide nozzles on injection parts could significantly reduce other heat sinks or even eliminate them altogether, which would be a revolutionary change.

Silicon Carbide Nozzle

Silicon Carbide Nozzle

Non-ferrous Metal Metallurgy Industry

Silicon carbide with high-temperature resistance, high intensity, good thermal conductivity, and impact resistance can be used as high-temperature indirect materials such as pot distillation furnace, a rectification furnace tray, aluminum electrolyzer, copper melting furnace lining, zinc powder furnace arc plate, thermocouple protective tube, etc.

Smelting And Mineral Processing Industry

Silicon carbide is second only to diamond in hardness and has a strong wear-resistance function, so it is the ideal material for wear-resistant pipe, impellers, pump rooms, cyclones, and the inner lining of ore buckets.

Green Energy

Silicon carbide can play a supporting role in the development of green energy. Nowadays, coal and oil are more and more scarce, and the energy crisis is a great test for all countries in the world. The development of silicon carbide can greatly improve the efficiency of power transmission and utilization, and the energy crisis may be alleviated.


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