What Are the Types and Uses of Molybdenum Rod?

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What Are the Types and Uses of Molybdenum Rod?

Molybdenum rod has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high melting point, small deformation at high temperature, easy installation and maintenance, and good chemical stability. Therefore, molybdenum rods are widely used in all aspects of production and life. In this article, we’ll take a look at the types and uses of the molybdenum rod.

Uses of Molybdenum Rod

Uses of Molybdenum Rod

The Types of Molybdenum Rod

According to the material of the molybdenum rod, it can be divided into pure molybdenum rod, high-temperature molybdenum rod (molybdenum lanthanum alloy rod), and TZM molybdenum rod.

Pure molybdenum rods refer to molybdenum rods with a molybdenum content greater than 99.95%. High-temperature molybdenum rods usually refer to molybdenum-lanthanum alloy rods, which contain 0.4-1.2% of lanthanum, and the molybdenum content is the balance except for impurities. Another type of molybdenum rod is the TZM molybdenum rod, which contains 0.4~0.6Ti, 0.07~0.12Zr, and 0.01~0.05C.

According to the surface state of the molybdenum rod, it can be divided into the sintered molybdenum rod, forged molybdenum rod, and polished molybdenum rod.

The surface of the sintered molybdenum rod has a silver-gray metallic luster. The forged molybdenum rod has a layer of oxide on the surface, and the surface is black. The polished molybdenum rod has a silver-gray metallic luster with a smooth surface and a small size error.

The Uses of Molybdenum Rod

Molybdenum rods are widely used in industrial production and our daily lives. The following are common applications of the molybdenum rods:

1. Used for manufacturing electric vacuum devices and electric light source parts.

2. Suitable for processing ion-implanted parts.

3. Used as parts for the high-temperature heater and high-temperature structure.

4. It is used as the electrode of the furnace in the glass and refractory fiber industry. It works in 1300℃ glass melt and has a long life.

5. It is used as an electrode in the rare earth industry. 

Molybdenum Rod Surface Oxide Removal Method

Molybdenum products are characterized by easy oxidation. If heavy oxides are to be removed, they should be treated with strong acids (fluoric, nitric, hydrochloric, etc.). If you need to remove mild oxides, you can use a cleaning agent with abrasives, wipe with a soft cloth or sponge, and then wash with warm water.

The Packaging of Molybdenum Rod 

Molybdenum rods shall be individually packed in PE pearl cotton and placed in suitable wooden cases. In addition, excess gaps must be filled to prevent vibration and damage to the product during transit.


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